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Advantages and Treatment Effects of Advection-type Dissolved Air System Air Floater

The advection-dissolving system air flotation machine is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment commonly used in the sewage treatment industry during the operation process. It can effectively remove the suspended solids, grease, and glue materials in the sewage when in use. The main equipment for early processing. The main body of the advection system air flotation system is a rectangular steel structure. The main components consist of a dissolved air pump, an air compressor, a dissolved gas tank, a rectangular box, an air floatation system, and a scraping system.

Advantages of Advection Air System Air Floater

1. Advective Dissolved Air System The air dissolving tank of the air flotation machine produces very small bubbles with a particle size of 20-40 μm. During the process of use, the main adhered floc is firm and can achieve a good air flotation effect to some extent. .

2. The advection type air-dissolving system air flotation machine uses less flocculant and reduces costs.

3. The advection-dissolving system Air flotation machine is easy to grasp in the process of operating the air flotation machine. In the operation, the water quality and water quantity are easy to control. It is very simple in the management process.

4. The advection system of the advection system is equipped with a backwash system and the releaser is not easy to plug.

The cubic advection gas system floats in the water to be treated. The air dissolved in the water is released from the water and forms tiny fine bubbles of 20-40um. The microbubbles are combined with the suspended matters in the sewage, so that the specific gravity of the suspended matter is smaller than that of water and gradually floats to the surface to form scum. A scraper system is provided on the water surface to scrape scum into the sludge pool. The clear water enters the clear water tank from the lower part through the overflow tank.

The cubic advection gas system float can effectively remove the suspended solids, various gums and grease in the wastewater during the process of use, such as petrochemical, coal mine, papermaking, printing and dyeing, slaughtering, brewing and other industries. The wastewater treatment of the enterprise is mainly used for the recovery of useful substances when used, such as the collection of fine fibers in the white water of papermaking.

The volume of air bubbles in the dissolved air system is large and dense. To a certain extent, the diameter of the bubbles will be even smaller. To a certain extent, it can reach 20 microns and the adsorption force is stronger. During the reaction process, the microbubbles and the flocs are strongly combined. The separation of suspended matter and water is instantaneously completed, and the bottom sludge can be discharged intermittently. The advection type dissolved air flotation machine operation shows that the treatment effect is stable, reliable, up to standard, easy to operate, easy to master, low in running cost and widely praised by users.

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