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Advantages of flotation and emulsification

Flotation method in the use of oil will normally be used as a supplementary treatment of oil after the oil, that is, two biological treatment before pretreatment, grease trap effluent generally contain 50 ~ 150mg of emulsified oil, after the air flotation process, The oil content dropped to 30, and then after two air flotation, effluent containing up to 10 below.

The main purpose of the flotation method is pretreatment of secondary biological treatment to ensure the relative stability of biological treatment of influent water quality or secondary treatment of biological treatment as a second-level biological treatment to ensure that the discharge of water quality in line with the relevant standards Request.

Direct flotation method of working principle

In addition to the direct flotation method used to remove the emulsified oil in the effluent, the flotation method is also widely used to remove impurities in the finely divided particulate matter in sewage whose density is close to that of water. For example, the flotation method can be effectively used for the concentration of activated sludge; removal of suspended impurities in sewage.

Flotation classification and the use of advantages

1. Cloth gas flotation method: The use of mechanical shear knife, the air mixed with water crushed into small bubbles. Such as pump suction pipe flotation, jet flotation, diffuser aeration and aerofoil flotation, are all such.

2. Biological and chemical flotation: the role of biological or chemical agents added to the water flocculation release gas.

3. Dissolved gas flotation: In the bronze gas-liquid mixing pump so that the gas and liquid mixed under a certain pressure so that air is dissolved in water and reach saturation, and then reach the flotation effect.

Dissolved air flotation method will be based on the pressure of bubbles in the water when the pressure conditions, dissolved air flotation and partial pressure dissolved air flotation and dissolved air flotation two. Only in special circumstances, the use of dissolved air flotation method. For example: When the medium under certain pressure, prone to danger and degeneration, etc., use the vacuum flotation machine.

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