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Advantages of scraper and reasonable choice of medium

The scraper is a kind of equipment used in many chemical production industries that require high liquid purity. Compared with other sewage treatment equipments, it is very convenient in operation, which facilitates the installation of equipment. Secondly, it has a high filtration precision and is suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids.


Once again, the filter area is large, and a filter bag filter function is equivalent to 5-10 times of the same type of filter element, which greatly reduces the cost of production for the producer. In addition, the design flow rate of the scraper equipment can meet the requirements of 1-500m3/h, which further reduces the production cost of the equipment. The last aspect is that the equipment has a long service life.


When selecting the filter medium of the scraper, if the material to be treated is coarser crystal particles and the grain distribution is uniform, the single-reducing fiber fabric with a large collection aperture or the wire mesh or the strip-shaped filter can be selected. Medium; if the material to be treated is medium particles and the slurry concentration is high, an industrial filter cloth of twill or satin fabric can be used as the filter medium to ensure the yield of the solid phase particles and reduce the moisture content of the filter

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