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Air dissolution system and micro bubble manufacturing system for shallow air flotation

The shallow air floatation will be cylindrical to a certain extent. The structure of the whole equipment is compact and the pool is shallow. The shallow air floatation device is mainly composed of five parts, which are dissolved gas release mechanism, frame mechanism, pool body, rotating water distribution mechanism and water collecting mechanism, etc.

The outlet of the shallow air floatation and the inlet of the water intake are all concentrated in the central area of the pool, and the water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected to the frame and revolve around the center of the pool body.

Shallow air floatation provides a complete set of equipment assembly and control system to a certain extent. It will be combined with centralized control and decentralized control in use, which can make the equipment reach its best operating state. Shallow air floatation in water treatment process, solid-liquid separation technology and its equipment are key items. One of the items. Shallow air flotation is one of the most effective methods for the removal of small suspended particles with specific gravity near water.

Shallow air floatation air dissolving system

To a certain extent, shallow air floatation is effectively adopted by its high frequency common rail injection and strong dissolving cutting patent technology. High speed rotation produces strong centrifugal force and micrometer air integrated jet system, which makes the concentration of dissolved gas reach the maximum theoretical value in only 3 seconds and no concentration shaving. It provides guarantee for the manufacture of large gauge microbubbles and the dynamic factor. The cost of electricity consumption has been reduced greatly and the cost of electricity consumption is reduced.

Micro bubble manufacturing system with shallow air floatation

The shallow gas floatation adopts its microsecond fast phase separation device. In the process of operation, this device mainly separates two phases of water molecules and air molecules in the water from the short time in the short time through its special structure, and then aggregated into a uniform diameter of 3-7 mu m in a short time. With the same amount of gas bubbles, the density of bubbles increases with geometric size. Integrated charged bubbles change the surface tension of water. Adsorption of colored groups and some hydrophilic colloids is a revolutionary breakthrough in purifying efficiency.

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