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Air floatation efficiency and operation mode of dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system mainly integrates flocculation, separation, water collection and effluent in the process of operation. There is a steady flow chamber and dissolved gas release chamber in the whole system, which makes the treatment performance more stable and the effect is superior.


The stable chamber of the dissolved gas system is mainly used for the raw water reacted by the flaps during the operation. The flow rate is very high. If it is directly in contact with the dissolved water, it will dissipate the tiny bubbles and affect the effect of the bubbles adhering to the flocs. The efficiency of air floatation treatment, if the steady flow chamber is increased, the kinetic energy consumption of the turbulent raw water is consumed, and the dissolved gas release chamber is uniformly moved, thereby effectively ensuring the removal effect.


The release chamber of the dissolved gas system is separated from the separation chamber in a tank body during operation, and the dissolved water and the flocculated raw water adhere thereto during the operation, and then slowly rise to enter the gas. The floating separation chamber ensures the contact space and time of the flocculation block and the microbubbles, so that the release rate of the dissolved gas water reaches 80-100%.


The operation mode and speed of the dissolving system scraper will directly affect the water quality and sludge solid content of the air flotation. The system adopts a rotary scraper, which can continuously scum during operation. Uniform scraping into the scum tank reduces the phenomenon of scum colliding with each other; in addition, the height-adjustable scraper can better adapt to various operating conditions and reduce the moisture content of the sludge.

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