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Air floatation operation method and bubble performance

Air flotation is an abbreviation of air flotation machine, which generates a large number of fine bubbles in water, and the fine bubbles adhere to small suspended particles in the wastewater. A "bubble particle" composite having a bulk density less than water is formed, and the suspended particles float up to the surface with the bubbles, thereby allowing the suspended matter in the water to be separated.


The air floatation method is an alternative to precipitation, in which the surface of the suspension is distinguished by hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The surface of the muddy water is very easy to have bubbles, so we can use the environmental equipment to float the air. This method is to let the water into the gas and release the bubbles when the pressure is reduced. Hydrophilism is treated with the corresponding chemicals, which are converted to hydrophobic after treatment. When using water treatment, we will use a coagulant. The flocs are good for trapping air bubbles, so our air floatation efficiency is higher.


The size and intensity of the bubble is related to the tension released in the air. If the radius of the bubble is smaller, the pressure will be greater, and the collision chance of the bubble film in the air molecules in the bubble will be more. If the bubble is small, the float speed will be faster and the interference will be small. If we add dissolved inorganic salts to the water, it will degrade the performance of the

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