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Air-floating air intake method and its form of dissolved gas tank

Air float generally consists of a dissolved gas system, an air flotation cell, a scraping system, a flocculation reaction cell, a dosing device, and an electronic control system. The dissolved gas system is the core of the equipment, including dissolved gas tanks, air compressors, return pumps, and releasers. The function of the dissolved gas tank is to enable the air to be sufficiently dissolved in the waste water to mix the water and the gas well.


There are two main types of air intake and air intake. One is the intake air before the pump. A pipe is taken from the water pump pressure pipe to return to the suction pipe, and a water jet is installed on the branch pipe. When the waste water passes through the water jet, a negative pressure is generated, and the air is sucked into the waste water and then sent to the dissolved gas tank through the suction pipe and the water pump. This method saves the air compressor, is relatively simple, and the water and air are evenly mixed.


The other is the air intake after the pump. Generally, compressed air is introduced into the pressure water pipe. This method makes the water pump work stably, and does not need to work under positive pressure, but needs to be supplied with air by an air compressor. In order to ensure a good dissolved gas effect, the volume of the dissolved gas tank is required. It is also relatively large, and it is generally necessary to use a more complicated filled gas tank.


The form of the air-floating gas tank can be divided into two types: static type and dynamic type. The static type includes flower board type, vertical partition type and diaphragm type. The dissolved gas tank is mostly used for pump front air intake; Filled, turbine, etc., mostly used for pump after air

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