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Air flotation effect and solubility of super-efficient shallow air floatation machine

The main feature of the super-efficient shallow air flotation machine when it is in use is that it effectively removes high SS from the suspended solids. During operation, the paper machine white water contains very high organic suspended matter. Therefore, to a certain extent, the first step was successful. Land for the recycling of paper machine white water. For this reason, any wastewater containing SS with high suspended solids is effective in super-efficient shallow air flotation.

Super-efficient shallow air floatation machine can add appropriate amount of flocculant in the process of running, so that it can reach a good degree of treatment effect. When the flocculant is not added during operation, the SS removal rate can reach 70%. The above; add flocculant, SS removal rate of 90% or more, the highest up to 95%. The addition of flocculants not only helps to improve the flotation effect, but also remove some of the soluble COD and BOD.

The super-efficient shallow air floater changes the static influent water to a certain extent - the dynamic outflow is dynamic inflow and static outflow. When operating, the suspended solids can be used in a relatively stationary environment. Vertically floating on the surface of the water, the sewage in the pure water pool takes only 3-5min, processing efficiency is extremely high.

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