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Air flotation separation effect and use characteristics of shallow air flotation

Shallow air flotation is mainly the latest technology that uses high-speed jet technology to directly mix the atmosphere and water to generate dissolved water. This can make the produced dissolved water quality stable, which can greatly improve the air flotation separation. The effect is that the air compressor is eliminated, the water treatment cost is reduced, and the noise pollution of the air compressor is also avoided.


The shallow air float effectively uses a high-efficiency anti-blocking release device, which improves the purification effect during operation and reduces the burden of subsequent processes during operation. The application of the jet method to make dissolved gas technology eliminates the dissolved gas tower and changes to the pipeline dissolved gas system, making the operation simpler, safer and more reliable.


The shallow air flotation process is perfect, with a multi-purpose feature, users can select, choose and combine the various processes according to the requirements of the reuse water quality standard. In operation, the design of the whole equipment is very reasonable and compact. The product has a small footprint and stable energy consumption. It is an ideal economical industrial wastewater treatment equipment to a certain extent.


The various components of the shallow air float are combined on one bottom plate, which is multi-purpose, flexible and convenient. It has been debugged before leaving the factory and can be used by connecting the user pipe. At present, air flotation equipment has applications in water supply, industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, air flotation equipment has the characteristics of less investment, less floor space, high automation and convenient operation and management.

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