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Appearance and craftsmanship of the shallow flotation

Shallow flotation in the process of water supply and drainage treatment, solid and liquid separation technology and equipment is one of the key projects. The removal of air flotation for tiny suspended particles with a specific gravity close to that of water is one of the most effective methods. Shallow air flotation is widely used in water supply and drainage treatment projects.


Product features of the shallow flotation

1. The instrument looks beautiful and small.

2. The system is stable in operation, easy to observe the effect of dissolved gas, and the dissolved gas can adjust the flow during the experiment, and the effect is stable.

3. Adopt intelligent control technology, easy to operate and accurate control.

Application field of the shallow flotation

1. Shallow flotation selects the process flow and various parameters when designing.

2. When the air flotation equipment is commissioned, determine the excellent value of the chemical dosage, reaction time, air demand and other parameters.

3.Shallow flotation is optimized according to the change of raw water quality and water volume during operation. The difference in structure between rotary concentrator and rotary scraper is that some longitudinal direction is added above the swash plate scraper. The grid bars are spaced 100-300 mm apart. Through the stirring action when the grid bar rotates slowly, the coalescence of sludge particles is promoted, and the sedimentation process of the sludge is accelerated. In terms of operation management, the mud should be continuously operated to maintain the fluidity of the

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