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Application range of pressure dissolved gas system air floatation device

Pressure-dissolving system Air-floating device mainly refers to the method of pressurizing the air to effectively dissolve its air in the process of operation. To a certain extent, it can release micro-bubbles under decompression conditions. Adhesion to the suspended solids, so that the overall specific gravity than water and float on the water surface, scraped by mechanical devices, to achieve solid-liquid separation device.

Pressure dissolved air system Air flotation device pressure dissolved gas is effective to press the water to (3 ~ 4) × 105Pa, to a certain extent, add air at the same time, this will make the air dissolved in water, during operation Then suddenly reduced to atmospheric pressure, the air dissolved in water in the form of tiny bubbles (bubble diameter of about 20-100μm or so), precipitated from the water, the suspended particles in the water to float on the water surface. In order to achieve solid-liquid separation.

Pressure-dissolving system Air-floating device is an air-floating device with a wide range of applications. When used, it can be widely applied to various types of wastewater treatment, sludge concentration, and water treatment, to a certain extent The conditioning pool will raise the raw water to the reaction tank.

The pressure flotation system flocculant of the flotation device can be effectively put into the suction pipe, and during operation, it is effectively mixed with flocculation in the reaction tank through its impeller. In the operation, the flocculant can be different according to the nature of the waste water. Reaction tank strength and reaction time should be adjusted.

After the reaction in the pressure-dissolving system air flotation device, the flocculated water enters the contact area of the air flotation tank, and when it is used, it mainly comes from the dissolving gas water released from the dissolved gas releaser, and the flocks in the water are mixed at this time. The microbubbles collide and adhere to each other to form floating flocks with air flocks, and solid-liquid separation is performed in the separation zone. The sludge floating to the surface is scraped by a slag scraper and discharged to a slag discharge tank. Clear water is collected by a perforated collector and discharged to a sump. Part of the clean water is pressurized by the return water pump and enters the dissolved air tank. The compressed air in the tank is contacted with the compressed air from the air compressor. The saturated dissolved air is delivered from the bottom of the tank through the pipeline to the discharger.

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