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Basic requirements and flow regulation of Dissolved air flotation system settings

The Dissolved air flotation system  needs to fully consider the water quality of the treated water in the process of treatment. What are the basic requirements when the dissolved air flotation machine is set up?

1. The plane size should meet the requirements for dissolving the dissolved gas release.

2. It adopts rectangular reinforced concrete structure, which is often combined with the reaction tank. The top of the pool is equipped with a light cover plate and a scraper is installed inside.

3. In order to prevent the floc from breaking, the water flow should be connected smoothly, so the air floater and the reaction tank are best built together.

4. In order to obtain sufficient tool effect, it is generally necessary to add a flocculant and sometimes a coagulant.

The water collection of the Dissolved air flotation system  should be able to effectively ensure the balance of the inlet and outlet water, so that the water level of the air floating pool can be kept normal. Generally, the water collecting pipe and the water discharging well are connected, and the small and medium air flotation machine is in the water discharging well. The upper part is provided with a water level regulating pipe valve; the large air floating pool is provided with a controllable overflow weir plate, according to which the water level is raised and the flow rate is adjusted.

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