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Cabinet design and working principle of dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system is generally suitable for the treatment of low turbidity, high chroma, high organic content, low oil content, low surfactant content or water with algae-rich water. The cabinet design of the dissolved gas system has certain requirements. The dissolved air floatation frame body is the main air floatation device of the air floatation process, and its function is that the air in the waste water escapes in the form of tiny bubbles, and the bubbles adsorb the emulsified oil and the fine suspended particles during the ascending process, and float up to the surface to form a float. The slag is scraped off by the scraper to achieve the separation of pollutants and water. There are many types of pressurized dissolved air floatation tanks, which can be generally divided into two types: advection type and vertical flow type. They are respectively connected to the advection type and the vertical flow type. The sedimentation tank is similar. In addition, there is a swash plate type air floating pool, which is similar to a sloping oil trap.


The air flotation chamber in the dissolved gas system is divided into a plurality of small chambers by slanting plates, and each of the small chambers has a water inlet pipe to introduce dissolved air. The foam is discharged from the upper bubbler, and the treated water and the settled sludge are respectively discharged from the sludge pipe and the treated water pipe which communicate with the respective chambers. Compared with other air floatation modes, the dissolved gas system has the advantages of high hydraulic load and compact pool.


The dissolved air flotation machine is a solid-liquid separation device that removes oil efficiently, removes suspended matter, and removes algae. The principle of the air floater is to use the "air floatation principle" to achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation. Work flow: fresh water or partially treated return water, the air is sucked and mixed by the microbubble generator to form dissolved gas, which is released under reduced pressure in the air floating pool. The air dissolved in the water is formed by tiny bubbles, and the bubbles are very high. The surface area adsorption capacity, the air floatation machine can remove the suspended solids of different concentrations of sewage well, after the treatment, part of the clean water, the air-floating circulation working pump, the pressurized water-dissolved gas tank is mixed with the air, and the air is dissolved into the water. At this time, the dissolved gas efficiency reaches 80% or more.

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