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Center Drive Scraper Advantage

In the process of manufacturing, the center drive scraper effectively includes a scraping device, a sampan plate, an electric control box, a drive device, a working bridge, and a center vertical shelf, and the whole device has a good muddy effect during the operation process. And low energy consumption and other characteristics.

The main beam of the center drive scraper

The main beam of the center driving scraper is also called the working bridge to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is a part that spans the diameter of the sedimentation tank. When the operation is performed, the main ends of the tank are mainly used to fix the driving device. On the platform, it is possible to exert its role as an application. In the production process, carbon steel is mainly used as the main material.

When the center drive scraper is used, the carbon steel plate and the carbon steel profile are effectively included. In general, it is only necessary to weld the two into a truss structure. Because it is a large part, it is usually transported to the actual application site before it is bolted on site.

Central drive scraper drive device

The driving device of the center drive scraper is mainly composed of an electric motor, a cycloid reducer, a worm gear reducer, an outer meshing small tooth, a slewing ring, and a rotary supporter. The driving device is mounted on the center pillar, and the external meshing main gear is made of alloy steel. The center shaft of the scraper arm is driven by the motor speed reducer and the meshing transmission system, and the scraper on the scraper arm will deposit sludge on the bottom of the pool. Scratch from the outside to the inside of the pool to the pool. When the over torque value exceeds the limit, it can automatically stop the alarm, which is safe and reliable.

Drive transmission scraper of center transmission scraper

The drive shaft of the central transmission scraper is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, which is one of the main components that carry the load during the operation. The upper end of the vertical frame is connected to the ring gear of the rotating support. Both sides of the lower end of the frame are equipped with symmetrical scraping arms and are provided with radial bearings for sliding bearings.

Scraper System for Center Drive Scraper

The mud scraper system is mainly composed of a mud scraper, a concentrated grid bar, and a connecting bracket, and is made of high-quality stainless steel plates and profiles. The scraper arm is composed of a top chord, a bottom chord and a pull rod, and should be symmetrically arranged on the drive shaft. All components are made of steel material. The upper chord of the scraper arm should be horizontal and the lower chord should be parallel to the slope of the pool bottom. The scraper arm should have the ability to not deform when subjected to the maximum scraping moment.

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