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What is the source of heavy metal wastewater and its processing principle?

Heavy metal waste water mainly comes from mines, smelting, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticide, medicine, paint, pigment and other enterprises discharge waste water.The types, content and presence of heavy metals in wastewater are different from those of different manufacturers.Because heavy metals cannot break down the damage, they can only be transferred from their presence and their physical and chemical formations.


After chemical precipitation treatment, for example, the heavy metal in waste water from dissolved into a difficult soluble ionic form of the machine and settle, moved to the sludge from the water: after ion exchange treatment, waste water of heavy metal ions to ion exchange resin, after regeneration and moved to the regeneration of waste liquid from the ion exchange resin.Therefore, heavy metal wastewater treatment principle is: first of all, is the most fundamental reform of the production process, without or with less toxicity of heavy metals, followed by adopting reasonable process flow, scientific management and operation, reduce the amount of heavy metals and waste water runoff, to minimize the amount of waste.

Heavy metal waste should be treated at the site where it is produced and mixed with other wastewater to avoid complication.It should not be processed directly into the city's sewers, so as not to increase the pollution of heavy metals.Of heavy metal waste water treatment, usually can be divided into two categories: one is in dissolved state of heavy metal in the waste water into insoluble metal compounds or elements, the precipitation and rise from the waste water to remove. Can be used methods such as neutralization precipitation, sulfide precipitation, precipitation floatation separation method, electrolytic method (or higher) and diaphragm electrolysis method: the second is the heavy metal in waste water without changing its chemical conditions for enrichment and separation of the form, method can be used in reverse osmosis, electrodialysis method and evaporation method and ion exchange method, etc.These methods shall be used separately or in combination according to the water quality and water amount of wastewater.

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