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Characteristics of the air floatation equipment and the integrated air floatation equipment

【Summary】What are characteristics of the air floatation equipment? In addition, what is the integrated air floatation equipment and what are its characteristics? Raising these questions is mainly to let everybody can improve their understanding of the air floatation equipment.

1.Main Characteristics of the air floatation equipment

1. The equipment is compact in structure so as to reduce the occupied area. The air bubbles generated by the equipment are small bubbles, and the uniformity of the bubbles is good. In addition, the scum concentration is high and easy to dehydrate.

2. Easy to install and operate. Advanced technology is adopted and reasonable design is adopted to reduce the running cost effectively.

3. It is very good in the equipment performance, and the processing effect is good. The processing process is stable and reliable, which is not easy to appear problems.

2. Characteristics of the integrated air floatation equipment

The integrated air floatation equipment is one of the air floatation equipment. Its main components are gas pool, dissolved gas tank, dissolved air pump, medication device or equipment, and air compressor or jet device. In application, it can be used in the treatment of wastewater and drinking water, so in printing and dyeing, food, oil refining, papermaking and chemical industry, it all can be used.

The characteristics of the integrated air floatation equipment mainly are the following:

1. If the high jet technology is adopted, the quality stability of the dissolved air water can be ensured, and the separation effect of the air floatation can be improved. And it can omit the air compressor to reduce the cost.

2. Users can choose and combine each process according to the actual water quality processing requirements, so as to have good use effect and get the desired effect. And, the equipment before leaving the factory, has been debugging, so, the user only need to connect before using it..

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