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Designing a scraper to consider

When designing the scraper, first consider the scraper direction of the scraper, which is to scrape the water outlet in the direction of the water flow, or to the water inlet end; the smooth scraping mud is not easy to stir the bottom sludge, and in the advection pool The end can be directly buried through the wall to drain the mud, and considering the state of water quality and sludge sedimentation, it is decided to use the effluent to scrape the mud in the direction of inflow.


Followed by the type and size of the mud pit, the last choice is to build a mud pit with cement. The top of the mud pit is a 30-meter-long slope made of cement. There is also a mud squeezing machine that can select siphon mud, pumping, air lift pump, and expansion tube.


The walking speed of the traditional siphon dredger is 1.2 (m/min), and the speed of the underwater scraper is 0.3-1.2 (m/min). The walking speed is slower than that of the traditional siphon dredger. The height of the scraper in the catchment area is much smaller than the water depth, so the underwater scraper will also not cause obvious water flow disturbance.


The underwater part of the scraper is made of non-toxic, water-resistant and anti-corrosive materials. The underwater rolling friction parts are all made of self-lubricating materials, while the live parts and oil-lubricated parts are installed. Above the water surface, the safety is relatively

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