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Dissolved air system with superior performance and high solubility

The dissolved air flotation system of the dissolved air flotation machine integrates water intake, separation, water collection, flocculation, and water discharge into one body. The entire system will have a steady flow chamber and a dissolved air release chamber, so that the treatment performance can be improved. More stable and more effective.

The stable room of the dissolved air system, to a certain extent, is mainly the raw water through the reaction of the folded plate. During the operation, the flow rate is very high. If it is directly in contact with the dissolved air, this will dissipate the tiny bubbles and affect the adhesion of the air bubbles. The flocculation effect reduces the efficiency of air flotation treatment. If the steady flow chamber is increased, the kinetic energy of the raw water of the turbulent flow is consumed and the uniform flow rate of the raw water enters the dissolved air release chamber, thereby effectively guaranteeing the removal effect.

The dissolving gas release chamber and the separation chamber of the dissolved air system are separated into a tank body and separated to a certain extent. The dissolved air water and the flocculated raw water adhere to each other and slowly rise into the air floatation separation chamber. The contact space and time between the flocculation mass and the microbubbles make the release rate of the dissolved air water reach 80-100%.

The dissolved air system is equivalent to the heart of the dissolved air flotation machine to a certain extent, which is the most important component. In this stage, the gas and water are sucked together at the inlet of the pump and can be sheared during operation. Pressure mixing into dissolved water, gas and liquid two phases fully mixed and saturated, the maximum gas content of the complete dissolved air system reaches 10%, and the gas solubility is 100%,

Dissolved air system can make the micro-bubbles distributed evenly when the gas is dispersed. The average bubble diameter is less than 30um. The dissolved air system is an improvement to traditional air flotation and technological innovation, which improves the flotation separation efficiency and greatly reduces equipment production and operating costs.

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