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Dissolved gas applications and working media

The dissolved gas system is, to a certain extent, one of the new international water treatment methods. Its working principle is to efficiently dissolve large amounts of air in water under pressure conditions. This will result in the formation of dissolved air water as a working medium. Rapid release through the release of a sudden decompression generates a large number of fine bubbles. After the micro-bubbles adhere to the coagulation matter in the waste water after the coagulation reaction, the specific gravity of the flocs is less than 1 and they float on the surface of the water, so that the contaminants are separated from the water and achieve the purpose of purifying the water.

Dissolved gas applications

1. The fiber recovery rate of the dissolved air system for papermaking wastewater can reach 95%, COD removal rate can be more than 85%, and clean water can be reused completely.

2. The dye removal efficiency of the dyeing wastewater in the dissolving system reached about 90%, the COD removal rate was 60-70%, and the BOD5 removal rate was about 50%.

3. During the operation of the dissolved gas system, the oil in the refinery wastewater can be reduced to less than 10 mg/L during use, and the wastewater can reach a level of clarification.

4. The COD removal rate of food, slaughter and tannery wastewater in the dissolved gas system is about 70%, and the color removal rate is over 94%.

5 electroplating wastewater treatment, when the chromium, zinc, copper, nickel, lead and other content below 50ppm, the removal rate of up to 90%.

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