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Dissolved gas system features high degree of automation and automation

The dissolved air produced by the dissolved air system has good stability and high bubble density. When the system is used, the system generates fine bubbles with a particle size of about 5 μm, which makes it easier to adhere to suspended matters in the wastewater when used. With the oil particles, the dissolved gas ratio of dissolved air in the system can reach 30-35%, and better removal effects can be achieved.

The dissolving gas system has a simple structure, is easy to debug, operates stably, and has a high degree of automation in the process of operation. The product is mainly used for a solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation of a water treatment environmental protection equipment product. The air flotation device generates a large number of microscopic bubbles in the water through the dissolved air and the release system, and adheres to the solid or liquid particles having a density close to that of water in the waste water, resulting in an overall density lower than that of water, and is raised by buoyancy. To the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Dissolved gas system features

1. The sorption pump sucks air while absorbing water. When the pump is operated, the pressure in the pump is mixed and the gas-liquid dissolving efficiency is high. Fine bubbles ≤ 30um.

2. In the process of low pressure operation, the dissolved gas system has a dissolved gas efficiency as high as 99% and a release rate as high as 99%.

3. Adsorption of micro-bubbles and suspended particles in dissolved air system improves the removal efficiency of SS.

4. Dissolved water The dissolving efficiency is 80-100%, which is 3 times higher than the traditional dissolved air flotation efficiency.

5. Pressure-capacity curve is flat, easy to implement automatic control, easy to operate and easy to maintain, low noise.


Dissolved air system can set flocculation, water intake, separation, water collection, and water discharge in the process of operation. It is similar to traditional forehead floatation equipment in operation, and has a steady flow chamber and dissolved gas release chamber. The performance is more stable and the effect is more superior. It is particularly suitable for the transformation of traditional equipment.

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