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Dump collection device and performance characteristics of high-efficiency shallow air floater

High-efficiency shallow air flotation machine mainly uses the dissolved gas raw materials in the process of its use. To a certain extent, it is mainly used for deinking equipment in waste paper deinking pulping. Several tests by technicians have now been widely used in wastewater treatment projects. Some of the dissolved water is introduced into the water to be treated, and micro-bubbles released in dissolved-gas water are used to float the suspended solids or grease in the water. , so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

The main unit of the high-efficiency shallow air floater is the separated part of the air floatation equipment. It effectively includes the tank body, scum, collecting device, stationary ring, overflow adjusting device, walking frame, rotary water inlet pipe when used. Rotary water distribution structure.

The rotating part of the main unit of the high-efficiency shallow air floater includes the inlet, the sludge removal mechanism, and the outlet. During use, this part rotates along the pool at the same speed as the spiral scum bucket at the inlet water speed. The raw water enters from the rotating inlet pipe in the center of the pool. By rotating part of the water pipe to distribute water, the moving speed of the water distribution pipe is the same as the inflow flow rate, so that the influent water will not disturb the pool water, making the suspension and settlement of the particles in a relatively static state. In an environment that shortens the dwell time.

The screw hopper in the scum collecting device of the high-efficiency shallow air floater will have two movements of rotation and revolution to a certain extent. The scum on the surface of the rotating skimmer will cause the slag bucket to cover the entire liquid surface. .

High-efficiency shallow air floater clear water is discharged from the water collection pipe, and the water catchment pipe is connected with the isolation ring and rotates together. The water collecting pipe and the water distribution pipe are separated by the rotating water distribution mechanism, so that the time of the floating separation of the raw water is the central rotating part. Swing cycle. The scraper installed on the rotating rotating water distribution mechanism scrapes sludge from the bottom of the pool and the wall of the pool into the mud bucket for regular discharge. The moving parts of the walking part and the scum collection device are respectively driven by the speed-regulating motor of each side, and the central collector ring supplies power.

High-performance shallow air floater performance characteristics

1.Utilize zero speed principle—Water enters water from the center of the tank and the water distribution pipe rotates clockwise. The water is sprayed out from the pipe in the reverse direction, so that the speed of the water is close to zero relative to the speed of the tank wall, so that the particles in the water float or settle under static conditions.

2. Use shallow pool theory - the water depth is generally 650mm; the floating path is short, the resistance is small, and the speed is fast.

3. The use of dissolved gas theory - the use of higher pressure dissolved air pipe, the higher the amount of unit volume of thawing gas, air flotation better.

4. Advanced slag hopper - spiral slag bucket slag stirring small, the effect is good.

5. Advanced outlet pipe - the outlet pipe rotates and clear water is discharged at any time.

6. Scraper setting - Allows sinking sludge to drain at any time.

High-efficiency shallow air floater application

High-efficiency shallow air flotation machine with advanced design and excellent performance can be widely used in papermaking, labor, leather, pharmaceutical, steel, oil refining, marine power, textile, food, beer, municipal, printing and dyeing, starch and other industries are traditional An alternative to air floatation equipment.

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