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Easy to use domestic Sewage Recycle System
Dissolved Air System Basic info
  • Flotation Machine Type: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

  • Centrifuge Technology Use: Filter

  • Capacity: 5~500m3/Day

  • Output: Irrigation Water, Gardening Water

  • Trademark: wanchuan

  • Origin: wuxi jiangsu, China

  • Method: Biological Treatment

  • Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital

  • Centrifuge Installation: Inner

  • Input: Bathing Water, Toilet Water,Kitchen Water

  • Running Type: 24hours/Day Automaticly

Product Description
Domestic sewage recycle system

.Widely used in drought area to recycle domestic sewage, the output water can be used for toilet water, gardening water, etc. If required, the output water can go for deep-treatment (to use machine like RO system) for producing drinking water.
.Almost 100% water recycle rate; relative high MLSS value(smaller than 15g/L)and long residue time for sludge.
.Save 50% occupying area compared with traditional system; low energy consumption, simple cleaning and low operation cost

.Special design based on domestic sewage characteristic, stable producing water quality for different inlet water; less sludge residue reduces cost for sludge treatment.
Automatic control system and without stink & noise caused during machine running.

Item   ModelSWM-500SWM-1000SWM-2000SWM-3000SWM-5000SWM-8000
Treat capacity (m3/day)0.5-1.01.0-2.02.0-3.53.0-5.04.0-7.05.0-9.0
MBR membrane (m2/day)51012152025
Length×width (mm)750×5001000×6501200×6501300×7801750×7802100×800
Material of membrane Reinforced PVDF/PTEF
Running temperature 5~45ºC
Running PH2~12
ControlledAutomatic controlled
Container material Carbon steel/Plastic/Stainless steel 304
Electric source1phase, 220V/3phase, 380V, 50HZ

Process inform

(1) Anoxic pool
Sewage into the anoxic pool, but also the return sludge from MBR pool. The primary function of the anoxic pool is denitrification, denitrifying bacteria use organic matter in sewage as a carbon source, the return sludge from MBR pool have a large number of NO3- and NO2-, them can reduced to N2 and released into the air, BOD concentration continue reduced, NO3- concentration reduced deeply also. In this pool and we install submersible mixer.

(2) Aerobic pool
In the aeration condition, there have large quantity of microorganisms and bacteria, phosphorus and bacteria inside activated sludge, them degraded or adsorbed water containing carbon, ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus and organic pollutants in order to achieve the purpose of purifying water. In this pool and we install tube type rubber porous gas distributor, so it can reach good oxygen transfer rate.

(3) MBR pool
Choose membrane to purify containing sludge sewage, then it can get the purified water in final. In one aspect, the membrane can reject microbe inside sewage, it can increase concentration of active sludge and reaches a high level, so that the sewage biochemical degradation reaction proceeds more rapidly and more completely, on the other hand, for the high membrane purify microbe, so it ensure the product water is clear and transparent, high quality water production.
There have MBR membrane cell and it have water output, backwash, cleaning, purging systems. MBR membrane purging (aeration) has two purposes, one for gas and water around the membrane oscillations to keep clean the membrane surface, the second is to provide the oxygen required for biodegradation. By high reject function, all the bacteria and suspended solids would be reject inside aeration tank, so it can trap nitrifying bacteria, and the nitration reaction smoothly and effectively remove ammonia; also it reject larger molecular organics to extend reactor residence time, so that to maximize the degradation. The remain sludge will be discharged by sludge pump, it can control the concentration of activated sludge and sludge age.

(4) Disinfection /Pure water pool
The MBR product water still have a little virus, so it require sterilizing before final output. As usually we inject chloros or ClO2 inside water pipe when water come into pure water tank. (The disinfection parts is apolegamy.)
This pool will choose PE plastic material or carbon steel inside main treatment system.

(5) Sludge discharge 
The remain sludge can be discharged by sanitation truck. Because the sludge is low quantity after MBR pool, so usually the sludge discharge after each 3~6 months.


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