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Excellent performance of the releaser and its installation requirements

The release device is the key device in the pressurized dissolved air flotation water purification system. Only the pressure dissolved gas can release a large amount of fine bubbles after the device is depressurized and depleted by the device, and the release performance is good or bad, involving the release of bubbles. The amount of fineness, the fineness of bubbles and the distribution law of bubble size, etc., directly affect the effect of water purification by air flotation and the consumption of electric energy.


The latest dissolved gas release device not only absorbs the excellent performance of the original dissolved gas release device, but also improves the distribution uniformity of the released water of the release device; thereby increasing the probability of the microbubbles colliding with the impurities in the water to be treated, thereby Further improve the effect of air floatation and water purification. In addition, once the release device is blocked, as long as the vent valve is opened outside the air floating pool and the compressed air source is turned on, the plug in the release device can be flushed with the pressure dissolved water. This overcomes the shortcomings of the TS type dissolved gas release device. At the same time, the vacuuming device is also saved.


Before installation, the pressure dissolved water and the branch pipe must be rinsed before the release device can be installed; it can also be flipped, that is, one end of the vacuum is under, and one end of the dissolved water is on; The ejector and its control gates should be installed in an easy-to-operate position. If the outflow of the outgassing water needs to change direction, you can add a bend to the outlet end, but it is not advisable to add a long

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