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Familiarize yourself with different releasers through specific issues

【 summary 】 to release this one, if from the type of this perspective, then, is there are a lot of kinds, and can be used in many industries, so it is widely used, and in different industries or fields, has a different role.Therefore, based on this, some specific questions will be raised and the correct answers will be given so that everyone can understand it in a comprehensive way so as to avoid any omissions.

1. Negative ion release device, how does it produce negative ions?In addition, fire door electromagnetic releaser, what is its abbreviation?

Negative ion release, the principle that produces negative ions, is very simple, in particular, it USES high voltage to ionize air, so as to produce a high concentration of negative ions.So, that's the conclusion, and hopefully you'll get it in time.

Familiarize yourself with different releasers through specific issues

[key words] release

Fire door electromagnetic releaser, which is short for fire door release, is a kind of open fire door positioning device.And, mainly in the field of fire fighting.When it doesn't work, fire door is a normally open state, in the event of fire, through the release and by the combined use of door closers, shut down automatically fire door, thereby, to meet the requirements of fire control, and get its fire prevention effect.

2. What is the basic requirement of the release in gas float?Besides, what are the common models?

Air flotation, can release is one important part, and also is one of the key device, so the basic requirements of it, is to can be repeated washing and using, and not prone to congestion and other issues.Otherwise, if you do not meet these two requirements, it will affect the normal use of the releaser, which will affect the airfloat effect.And in the common model, there are TJ air float releasers, and there might be some other ones.

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