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What are the use and use of the gas float equipment

1. Conventional and new USES for air float equipment

The purpose of the gas flotation device is more traditional, which is used to remove the oil that is emulsified in the sewage and the fine particulate matter that is close to the water.And, in order to promote to form larger particles, can be in fine bubbles form before, adding suitable amount of reagent to the coagulation treatment, or to join the demulsifier, to destroy the stability of the oil content in water.

The new purpose of the gas flotation device, if summarized, is to have the following two:

Use 1: if the land is restricted, or if it is necessary to obtain a high amount of hydraulic load, as well as the solid load, it can be used to replace the precipitation method.

Use 2: the concentration of activated sludge can be used for air flotation equipment.In addition, the air floating equipment can be used in the removal of suspended impurities and secondary biological treatment.

2. Use of different air float equipment

If there are different types of air float equipment, then the purpose of the gas float device is different, so here is a simple explanation to make it clear.

Flat flow pressurized dissolved air flotation equipment, its structure is relatively simple, and the installation and convenient operation, therefore, is mainly used in all kinds of industrial wastewater, and the proportion of the municipal wastewater pretreatment and subsequent processing.

Vertical flow pressure air gas float device: its structure is complicated, so it is difficult to operate, so it is not a lot of applications.

Vortex gas float device: the solution gas method is to form negative pressure through the high-speed rotation of impeller, then generate microbubbles, thus achieving the purpose of separating the solid liquid.Its application, from present, is more, the main, is used in oily wastewater pretreatment, and, is having good processing effect.


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