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For floating release expounds working principle and characteristics of dissolved air system

Previous articles we have environmental equipment technology co., LTD. Wuxi Wan Chuan air flotation equipment, scraping the suction dredge knowledge related to do a simple introduction, wuxi Wan Chuan today environmental equipment co., LTD. The small make up take you to get to know the working principle and features of dissolved air system.


A, work principleBreathe in the dissolved air system USES a jet principle, when the working pressure at about 0.3 to 0.5 Mpa, can through the nozzle, the rapid movement of water flow in mixing tube, so that a large amount of air is sucked in the shortest possible time, at the same time in the mixing tube is high speed cutting into micro bubbles, and then maximize the dissolve in the water, forming super saturated dissolved air water.And through the subsequent reduced pressure to release a large amount of micro bubbles in 20 to 50 um in diameter, combined with the water floc, formed a stable gas entrapment, floc together to rise to the surface, so as to complete flocculant's separation.

Characteristics of two.

1. Easy operation, safety and high degree of automation,

2. The dissolved air system according to the different characteristics of sewage, floating position in different processing technology, by adjusting the dissolved air pump/release/jet, is good for the whole system and sewage treatment process, effluent water quality.Can exert the maximum efficiency of dissolved air system, greatly improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

3. Compact structure

4. High efficiency, stable and reliable results

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