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High efficiency and high utilization rate of vortex dissolved gas system

The vortex dissolving system effectively includes the tank and the gas-liquid circulation system during the operation process. The separation chamber, the clean water chamber, the contact chamber, the upper end of the air-floating contact chamber and the separation chamber are successively arranged in the cabinet, and the vortex dissolving system is provided. The structure is simple and easy to manufacture. To a certain extent, it can evenly collect clean water, reduce the water agitation to the separation chamber, so that it can effectively avoid the scum and sediment mixed into the clean water chamber, so that the clarification of the water is optimal.


Vortex Dissolved Gas System has high processing efficiency

 The efficiency of air flotation in the turbulent solubilization system depends on the maximum dry weight of the floating particles that can be floated per unit volume of dissolved gas, which we define as the unit float. Quantity, which is an objective indicator of the quality of dissolved air. Air is a substance that is hardly soluble in water. Under normal pressure, the solubility of air in water is about 1.8%. Under the pressure of 0.3% Mpa, the solubility can reach 5.4%. How to make these limited dissolved air fully function is air flotation. The key to technology.

The vortex dissolving system needs to reduce the diameter of the bubble to a certain extent. To a certain extent, effectively increasing the density of the bubble group and effectively improving the uniformity of the bubble group are the key to improving the air flotation efficiency. The three are interrelated and mutually restricted. . If a 100UM bubble becomes an equivalent volume of 1UM bubble, its trace amount can reach 1000000. Therefore, under the premise that the total amount of dissolved air is fixed, the diameter of a single bubble can be reduced, and the bubble group density can be increased. The uniformity of the group can also be improved.


High efficiency of dissolved gas utilization in vortex dissolving systems

The turbulent dissolved air system has a dissolved gas utilization rate of nearly 100%. The traditional concave float is only about 10%, while the early air floatation is only about 6%. The efficiency of air flotation is not significantly related to the dissolved gas efficiency. Ultimately depends on the level of dissolved gas utilization, not much with the dissolved gas efficiency, ultimately depends on the level of dissolved gas utilization. Taking the pressure of dissolved air as an example, from 0.3Mpa to 0.5Mpa, the dissolved gas efficiency can only be doubled at most, but the energy consumption is several times higher. Take the dissolved gas effect as an example, if the dissolved gas from 50% The efficiency is increased to 100%, and its air flotation efficiency can only be doubled at most.

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