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High efficiency and smooth operation of the dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system is a key part of the whole air flotation process in the process of operation, and the quality of the microbubbles generated by the dissolved gas system directly affects the air flotation effect. The dissolved gas device is a dissolved gas tank, and the air is dissolved in water under a pressure of 3 to 5 kg/cm 2 . After the pressurized water passes through the releaser, the dissolved water is released by the energy release, and the water will release excess air, so that small bubbles are naturally formed when passing through the liquid, and the bubbles are very small, and its diameter is about 5-20 microns.

The air of the dissolved gas system enters the special air pulverizing device in the dissolved gas tank through the intake pipe, and is fully mixed with the return water, and the pressure of the dissolved gas tank can be controlled at about 3.8 Bar. There is no need for on-site monitoring by the operator, and the equipment can run smoothly on its own. No need to adjust the level adjustment, no automatic control is required. To achieve automatic control, you only need to control the switches of the air compressor and the return water pump.

The dissolved gas system is designed with a very unique container system. The whole equipment is small in size, high in dissolved gas efficiency and compact in structure. The equipment has a small footprint and high efficiency. The air flotation machine uses small bubbles or tiny bubbles to make the impurities in the medium float out of the water surface. The air flotation device can be used for some of the fines contained in the water body which are close to the water and whose weight is difficult to sink or

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