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High utilization and excellent performance of Shallow flotation machine

In the running of shallow air flotation machine, the smaller of the bubble radius, the bigger of the bubble pressure, which makes the bubble molecules within the air collide more intensely and frequently. So to obtain a stable micro-bubble, bubble film strength is needed, and make sure the bubble is small and floats quickly, and seldom disturb the water, and will not crush the floc.

Shallow air flotation machine is not the finer the better. If the bubble is too small, its floating speed will be affected. Adding a certain amount of surfactant can effectively reduce Water surface tension coefficient and enhance the fastness of its bubble film.

Shallow air flotation machine adds the high solubility of the electrodeless salt into the water in work, so that the bubble film fastness will be weakened, and shallow air floatation machine's water flowing speed is low, so that the water speed in the equipment close to Zero speed,  this will make the water particles in the static floating or settlement, suspended solids removal rate can reach more than 91%.

The whole device uses a high-pressure dissolved pipe, the dissolved gas rate can reach 90%, and air float effect is good, the water depth is generally 650mm. Floating path is short. Resistance is small .And the speed is fast.

The equipment is widely used in the sewage treatment system of steel, tanning, petroleum, brewing, municipal, textile and food industries.

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