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High utilization rate of shallow air flotation and operation characteristics

Shallow air flotation is a kind of efficient and rapid solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation technology. It can effectively generate a large number of micro-bubbles in some way during operation, so that it can be close to the density of water. The solid or liquid impurity particles in water adhere to form an air floating polymer having a density lower than that of water, and float to the surface of the water to form dross under buoyancy to perform solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Main features of shallow air flotation

1. The utilization rate of dissolved air in shallow air flotation is high. When operating, it is mainly used to dissolve the gas pipe with high pressure. The unit gas dissolution rate is as high as 90%, and the air flotation effect is good.

2. There is no interference on the floating. Under normal circumstances, the water depth is generally 650mm, the floating path is short, the resistance is small, and the speed is fast.

3. Reasonable slag hopper, spiral slag slag slag stirring is small, the effect is good.


High-efficiency shallow air flotation machine features

1. Adopting “shallow pool theory” and “zero speed theory” design, high efficiency, energy saving, small size and convenient installation.

2. Shallow air flotation is mainly driven by its high-speed motor, which has strong adaptability and good process conditions during operation.

3. The method of using cloth water completely separated from the raw water, with a special release device, the treatment effect is good, the ss removal rate is as high as 90%, and the slag solid content rate can reach 3-4%.

4. High degree of automation, convenient management and reliable operation.

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