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How should the scraper be used correctly

When the scraper is in use, it is completely opened for the first time, and then rinsed with water protection agent until there is no foam. Officially used to try to increase the water content, and use the time to reduce the purification, the purpose is to reduce the treatment of membrane fouling in the equipment.


When it is not necessary to start, please be sure to close the front valve. If the North is not activated for a long time, it needs to clear the cleaning equipment. Its main function is to prevent residual impurities from sticking to the equipment and means for a long time, which is easy to cause the medium to be used next time. damage.


From the current situation is the scraper, the liquid medium containing solid particles, the principle of the pumping equipment, and then after the installation of the continuous component plates, a slag-like cake is formed inside the equipment. There is a direct relationship between the media flow rate and the slag thickness. This is why when it reaches a certain value, the required thickness is

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