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Initial stage and construction requirements of shallow air flotation

Shallow air flotation is a very important equipment in the sewage treatment industry to a certain extent. The equipment needs to be debugged before operation, so that it can achieve good water treatment effect, and it is also helpful for the later application. Let me introduce the debugging work of the shallow air flotation machine.

1. In the initial stage of biofilm culture, a small load water inlet method is adopted, so that the surface of the filler layer should be gradually covered by the membrane sludge.

2. During the trial operation, strictly control various indicators in the biological contact oxidation pond, such as DO, temperature, pH value, microbial growth status and type.

3. The thickness of the biofilm must be strictly controlled to ensure the smooth fall of the biofilm.

4. Biological contact oxidation control sludge load between 0.2-0.3kg BOD5/kg MLSS during operation.

5. The water quality of the effluent treated by the shallow air flotation should meet the standard, which can ensure the stability of the air flotation drug to facilitate the subsequent biochemical treatment. Generally, it is recommended to add polyiron in this process, and Fe3+ is a trace element for microbial growth.

6. All facilities, pipelines and underwater equipment should be inspected before the operation of the shallow air flotation machine. All debris should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the smooth operation of pipelines, equipment blockage and maintenance of underwater equipment after water supply. .

7. In the early stage of bacterial culture, a large amount of white foam will appear in the aeration tank, and even the entire biochemical pool aisle plate will be piled up. Don't be afraid that this phenomenon is normal. Just control the dissolved oxygen and take appropriate defoaming measures.

8. In the later stage of operation of shallow air flotation, it is found that the effluent from the secondary settling tank has flocculent biofilm, and the sludge from the bottom of the sedimentation tank is easy to turn over the sludge. Therefore, the sludge at the bottom of the sedimentation tank should be discharged as soon as possible to reduce the sludge. The residence time in the second sinking pool.

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