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Integral air flotation machine with chemical coagulation and reflux water-soluble gas release part

When the integrated air floater is in use, it will inhale the proper amount of air through the ejector under a certain pressure. This will directly form a saturated carrier of dissolved air in the tank with the return water, which is reduced by the releaser. Pressure released to obtain a large number of micro-bubbles, its measurement, particle size, stability are within the optimal value.

The amount of air bubbles in the integrated air floater rapidly adheres to impurities such as particles, fibers, and emulsified oil in the water and the flocs formed by the coagulation reaction, causing the floc specific gravity to be smaller than that of water, and is forced to rapidly float on the water surface. Solid-liquid separation. The slag is blown away on the surface of the water, and the separated water enters the clean water tank through the bottom perforated pipe. Part of the water is returned as dissolved water, and the clean water is discharged through the valve.

Integral air flotation machine dosing and coagulation

Sewage is pumped from the sewage tank to the vortex reactor by a sewage pump. Generally used in the sewage pump before dosing. In this way, the liquid medicine and sewage can be sufficiently mixed by rotating the sewage pump impeller. The drug solution is supplied by a dosing device. The treated sewage was put into the vortex reactor and the sewage was fully coagulated.

Integral air floater return water-soluble gas release part

The effectiveness of air flotation depends mainly on the effect of returning water-soluble gas and its release. The air flotation uses highly efficient and energy-saving dissolved air and release equipment. The compressed air of the air compressor and the reflux water pressurized by the water pump after the treatment are thoroughly mixed and dissolved in the dissolved air tank to form the dissolved air water.

Air floatation of integrated air floatation machine

By adding the coagulant-contaminated sewage into the air-floatation tank, the dissolved-gas water in the dissolved-gas tank is suddenly decompressed by the dissolved gas releaser at the lower part of the inlet and outlet pipe, and the air dissolved in the water is released from the sudden decompression to release a large amount of Microbubbles. The microbubbles encounter suspended solids in the sewage during the ascent process. The microbubbles adhere to the suspended solids and float quickly, so that the suspended solids in the sewage all float on it. They are then scraped and discharged into the sludge tank through the air bubbler on the upper part of the float, and the bottom of the tank is discharged through the treated fresh water.

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