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Key advantages and technical features of the vortex-cavity air flotation machine

The vortex-cavity air flotation machine is a very advanced technology wastewater treatment equipment. During the working process, the micro air bubbles are mainly generated by the aerator, and the vortex air flotation machine will effectively remove solids from the waste water. The “microbubbles” are evenly distributed in the bottom of the bilge pool through the diffuser impeller, so that no blockage occurs during the entire operation, and pressure vessels, air compressors, and circulation pumps are not required.

Key advantages of Vortex Air Floater

1. The vortex-type air flotation machine operates without noise and there are no parts that need to be repaired inside the host.

2. The vortex-type air flotation machine does not require a circulation pump, and all of the vulnerability components are available locally.

3. The air-floating machine of the vortex-concave type does not require an air compressor, and the overall performance of the device is easy to install.

4. No need for dissolved gas tank, save 20% - 40% of the floor space, and save 30% - 50% of the operation.

5. Each aerator power is only 1.5KW - 2.2KW.

Technical features of vortex-type air flotation machine

1. Investment province, low energy consumption, no noise from automatic slag removal, convenient operation and management.

2. Compared with the domestic traditional pressure-dissolving air-type air-floatation system, equipment such as dissolved air tanks, air compressors, and high-pressure water pumps are eliminated, and the energy consumption is 1/8--1/10 of the conventional air-floatation.

3. The vortex-cavity air flotation system can remove grease, jelly and fiber suspended solids in the sewage, reduce the pollution of BOD, COD, SS, etc., and can significantly improve the water quality.

4. The operation of the vortex-cone air flotation machine is simple, the system is very easy to operate, there is no complicated equipment, and the entire system consists of only two mechanical parts.

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