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Key devices and overload capacity in the releaser's water system

Release to a certain extent is the key device in the air-dissolved air-flotation system. After the pressure-dissolving water is depressurized and energy-dissipated by the device, it can release a large number of micro-bubbles, and its release performance during operation. The degree of fineness of the air bubbles will be involved to a certain extent, and it directly affects the effect of the air-flotation water purification. The releaser can be backwashed and not easily clogged.

 The release device is mainly suitable for flotation treatment containing sewage, and to a certain extent is mainly through its supporting container mixing tank, which is effectively released under pressure. The released sewage forms 10-200 micron microbubbles dissolved in water, so that The proportion of water is reduced, and these bubbles form a carrier to hold the oil and particle suspensions to achieve suspension purification.

Releaser Features

1. The release device is non-blocking, and the open and close adjustable design structure is adopted. The clearance of the release plate of the release plate can be adjusted through the drive shaft of the upper and the closed handwheel of the assembly, and the adjustment gap can be extended to 12mm through the normal working 6mm, through the structure. It can prevent jams from being released in the release layer of the releaser to achieve no clogging.

2. The fineness of bubbles is good, and the use of large-diameter release and efficient energetic mixing to achieve the best release effect improves flotation efficiency. The average bubble diameter is 10-30 microns, which improves water quality.

3. With strong overload capacity, the adjustable gap adjustment structure can be used to meet the design load of 1.5 times. The component pressure strength used meets the maximum compliance requirements.

4. The structure is novel in design, the shape of the tube, the installation and maintenance are convenient, and the flange connection and disassembly are adopted.

5. Corrosion resistance, all materials using 304 stainless steel.

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