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low consumptionTJ type/dissolved air releaser process

Releaser Product Detail

TJ type/dissolved air releaser process


Dissolved air flotation water purification method is to release the pressure dissolved air water produced by the dissolved

 air system by the releaser to produce a large amount of micro group of bubbles which are introduced into the water. 

Making use of the buoyancy of the bubbles adhered to the solid impurities to achieve the purpose of rapid separation 

of solid and liquid as well as the improvement of scum concentrated extent. Therefore, it is considered to be a major

 breakthrough of the water treatment technology, and the releaser is a key device in the dissolved air flotation water 

purification system. Pressure dissolved air water can release a large number of micro-group bubbles only after passing 

the release of pressure and energy dissipation through the device, and the good or bad of the performance of the 

releaser is related to the micro-group degree of the bubbles, which directly affects the flotation water purification



1. It is able to work effectively under 2kgf/cm3 pressure.

2. The average diameter of released bubbles is only 20-30 microns.

3. The degree of perfection of released air is more than 99%

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