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Examples of specific use and application systems for the releaser

to release, though only three words, but for us, want to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, is not a simple matter, because it contains a lot of kinds, and each species, is have a lot of relevant knowledge content, so, just by a few articles, not enough to fully summarized.So, based on this actual situation, the following will continue the study of the releaser, so that everyone can reach the standard as soon as possible.

1. Is it possible to use the releaser to carry out the disjointer in the big pump?

Big pump and disconnect between, if you want to split the two words, is to see how they are connected, if its use to release, then, is to release, to achieve a goal.The specific operation of the device is to remove the locking ring from the disjoiner by lifting the pump upward, thus achieving the above purpose.

2. What is the closed-door device with a fire alarm linkage called?In addition, does the fire door monitoring system include the releaser?

A closed-door device with a fire alarm linkage, which is called a releaser, cannot be called a closed-door device.In addition, in fireproof door monitoring system, there must be a releaser, and fire doors should be used because of the specific purpose.Its function is to control the shutdown of the open fire door, when a fire breaks out.

3. Whether the negative ions generated by artificial generation need to be released into the air by the release device?

From a professional point of view, it is bound to, and is also beyond doubt, because, artificial generated negative ions, is through the device of anion generator to generate, again through the release, will be released into the air anion, otherwise, cannot to complete this process, therefore, on this issue, obviously, the answer is in need.

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