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Operating characteristics and pressurized conditions of dissolved air system

The dissolved air system is also a kind of air flotation. To a certain extent, it mainly uses the different solubility characteristics of water under different pressures, so that all or part of the water to be treated is pressurized and aerated, and during operation, Increasing the amount of air dissolved in water, effectively releasing it in the water added with the coagulant under normal pressure, and the air is precipitated to form small bubbles, which adhere to the impurity floc, causing the overall density of the floc to rise less than water, thereby Separate solid and liquid.


Characteristics of dissolved air system

1. Under the pressurized condition of the dissolved air system, the air solubility is large, so that the number of air bubbles used for air supply floating is large and the air floating effect can be ensured.

2. The dissolved air in the dissolved air system is effectively released under sudden decompression, and the generated bubbles are not only fine, uniform in particle size, high in density, but also stable in floating and small in disturbance to liquid. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the solid-liquid separation of fine particles of loose flocs.

3. The process and equipment are simple, the cost is low, and the energy consumption can be saved.

4. The partial reflux treatment has remarkable and stable effects and can save energy.

5. Small footprint, high water production per unit area, low moisture content of scum, no need for continuous scraping.

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