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Operating precautions and dispensing device for dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system is mainly used for solid-liquid or liquid-separation when it is used. When it is used, it mainly produces a large amount of fine bubbles in water, so that it adheres to the solids in the wastewater with a density close to that of water or On liquid particles. Of course, the correct operation of the dissolved gas system is also very important.


Before dissolving the gas system, the dispensing device and the dissolving device should be started first. When the normal operating state is reached, the original water pump can be directly started and the tank can be entered at the same time. However, it is necessary to maintain a constant pressure of dissolved gas of 0.3-105 Mpa to ensure the maximum absolute amount of suspended particles that can be floated per unit volume of dissolved gas.


The dissolved gas system must be drained regularly during the operation. The sediment should be discharged once every 2-3 hours, and should not accumulate too much. Before the whole equipment is shut down, it is necessary to thoroughly drain the mud once, so that the floating layer can be prevented from affecting the next startup process. The function of the dissolved gas tank in the dissolved gas system is that under a certain pressure, the air floatation tank of the air floater ensures that the air can be fully dissolved in the waste water, and the water and gas are well mixed.


In the dissolved gas system, the top of the dissolved gas tank is provided with an exhaust valve, so that the dissolved air accumulated at the top of the top can be drained periodically; the bottom of the tank is provided with a venting valve to vent the dissolved gas tank during cleaning. In order to prevent short-flow in the dissolved gas tank, increase the degree of turbulence, promote the full contact of water and gas, and accelerate the gas diffusion, often set a spacer, baffle or packing in the

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