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Operation and maintenance requirements of the scraper

The auxiliary facilities of the sewage disposal project of the scraper are mainly driven by the drive unit, the main shaft, the railing, the steel beam, the vertical grid, the support, the scraper, the overflow raft, the tie rod, the small scraper, and the underwater It consists of components such as bearings, steady flow cylinders, and electric control boxes. Through the drive of deceleration drive and suspension components, the center drive scraper can be widely used in sewage treatment projects in urban, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries.


The scraper has reasonable temperature rising structure, high efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance. In the production process, the sludge is mainly scraped by the scraper to the central mud collecting tank. The hydrostatic pressure or pump discharge tank is used, and the intermediate water and mud are used. The surrounding drainage ensures uniform water flow. Self-priming mud discharge with liquid level difference, scum scraping and removing device and overload protection device. The transmission is partially protected by electrical and mechanical double overload, which makes the operation safer and more reliable.


The underwater part of the scraper is made of stainless steel. It is very resistant to corrosion and has a long service life. It is not only used for mechanical equipment used for center scraping, but also for machinery for peripheral scraping. The use of the equipment is also the same, their performance is equally significant, and can be well displayed when used.

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