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Operation principle of shallow air flotation and utilization rate of dissolved gas

Shallow air flotation is one of the key processes in the process of water supply and drainage treatment. Its solid and liquid separation technology and equipment are one of the key processes. For the removal of tiny suspended particles with specific gravity close to water, air flotation is the most effective method. The principle of layer air flotation is to introduce a large number of tiny bubbles in the sewage, and the bubbles will effectively adhere to the fine suspended matter through the action of its surface tension, so that the overall specific gravity is less than 1, and floats according to the buoyancy principle. The water surface is used to achieve solid-liquid separation and the sewage can be purified.


The main body of the shallow air flotation device is composed of five parts, the pool body, the rotating water distribution mechanism, the dissolved gas release mechanism, the frame mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the like. The water outlet and the water inlet of the whole product and the discharge port of the scum are all concentrated in the central area of the pool body, and the water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the pool body. The device provides a complete set of equipment assembly and control system, and combines centralized control and decentralized control to achieve optimal operation of the equipment.


Shallow air flotation and dissolved air flotation are similar. The two devices produce bubbles in the same way. The main features of shallow air flotation equipment are: 1. The scraping slag is small, the effect is very good; 2. The water flow speed is low, and the purification degree is low. High; 3, high utilization rate of dissolved gas; 4, short floating path, high efficiency. 5, the equipment is light, easy to transport and install, the floor space is small; 6, forced water, both in and out of the water are dynamic.

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