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Preparation of anti-corrosion construction of scraper

Scraper in the construction of anti-corrosion preparation, the first should be in accordance with the anti-corrosion construction specifications and requirements of the varieties of anti-corrosion materials used by Party A, out of the box by the owner, supervision, installation of tripartite implementation; check the scraper in progress Anticorrosion materials construction materials is not complete; clean up the various components, well prepared before the anti-corrosion work.


After the tank is emptied, we should first pay attention to flushing the bottom of the tank with a high-pressure water gun and paying attention to dryness. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the installation work, at the same time in order to ensure the safety of operators and supervisors, construction should also take care of itself to set up a standard scaffolding escalator or personnel working at height must wear safety belts and helmets and other necessary labor protection Measures.


Scraper technical requirements in the anti-corrosion process, on its process, when underwater include: primary treatment → brush first time epoxy reddan paint → scrub paper → brush the second time epoxy zinc-rich paint → Scratch paper → brush the last time chlorinated rubber finish; water, including the primary treatment → brush the first time epoxy zinc-rich paint twice → grinding paper → brush the last time chlorinated rubber finish.


The first grass-roots processing, the main is to include cleaning, rust, polished. First of all, we should also clean up the floating earth and mortar on the metal surface of each component; after that, we should also pay attention to the scraper remodeling work of the scraper together with other tenders. After that, we should pay attention to emphasizing the principle of "prevention first and safety first" and implement the principle of horizontal to vertical and horizontal.


During the responsibility period of defects, we will track and monitor the quality of the project so as to find out the problems and solve the problems in a timely manner. For the specific quality problems that occur during the anti-corrosion construction of the scraper, we will formulate Corresponding remedial program. With the consent of the owners before they can implement; to strengthen liaison, ready to listen to feedback.

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