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Preparation process and application range of dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system mainly adopts a unique system design, and its product has small volume, high dissolved gas efficiency and compact structure. The equipment has a small footprint and high efficiency. The dissolved gas system utilizes small bubbles or tiny bubbles to cause the impurities in the medium to float out of the water surface machine. The air flotation device can be used for the subtle contents of the water body which are close to the water and whose weight is difficult to sink or float.


The upper-flow dissolved air flotation machine is an air flotation device for solid-liquid separation in sewage. It is mainly used for water purification, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater treatment, and can effectively remove impurities such as SS and CODcr in sewage. Good, commonly known as super dissolved air flotation machine.


 The dissolved air pump in the dissolved gas system is a vortex pump dedicated to the air flotation treatment process. The pump itself sucks a certain amount of air from the water pump while sucking the return water, and completes the preparation of the dissolved gas in the pump. Process,

It is fed into the air floating pool from the pump outlet through the pipeline to realize the three functions of supplying gas, supplying gas and preparing dissolved water. There is no need to use a dedicated release in the air floatation tank, as long as a perforated water pipe is installed.

 Application range of dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system is widely used in water supply and drainage treatment projects. First, the application of tap water to lake water as a water source to remove algae and reduce turbidity; second, in industrial wastewater treatment projects, such as petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, leather, food industry, etc.; third, for sewage Recycling of useful materials, such as papermaking, fiber recycling in pulp water, etc.

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