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Process flow and separation device for high efficiency shallow air floatation

In the process of operation, high efficiency shallow air floatation is mainly adopted by its high frequency common rail injection and strong dissolving and cutting patent technology. In some degree, it can rotate the powerful centrifugal force at a high speed, and its micrometer air integrated jet system can make the concentration of dissolved gas reach the maximum theoretical value in only 3 seconds and no concentration shaving. In order to guarantee the production of large scale microbubbles, the power factor is greatly reduced and the cost of electricity is reduced.

The high efficiency shallow air floatation is made by a microsecond fast phase separation device. This device mainly separates the two phases of water molecules and air molecules in the dissolved gas water into different directions in less than 1 subtleties through its special structure, and makes a uniform diameter of 3-7 mu m to carry charge in a instantaneous gathering. The density of bubbles increases with the number of geometric bubbles.

The surface tension of water is changed by the integrated charged bubble of high efficiency shallow air floatation. In the process of adsorption, the colored group and the hydrophilic colloid are a revolutionary breakthrough in the purification efficiency to a certain extent. At the same time, the dosage of PAC, PAM is greatly reduced or no need to be added.

Process flow of high efficiency shallow air floatation

1. the sewage flows from the trench to the pool to make the water and water balance.

2. from the sewage hoisting pump to the shallow air floatation pool.

3. the shallow air floatation sewage enters the pipe mouth to add PAC and PAM, and the mixed tube at the bottom of the floating tank is fully mixed, and then it is mixed with the small bubbles with positive charge with the dissolved gas system, so that the tiny bubbles are adsorbed by the floc and the pollutants in the wastewater, and the bridge enters the air flotation system.

4. high efficiency shallow air floatation through the water distribution system makes the wastewater enter the air floatation pool, and through the air floatation water distribution system and the stepless speed regulation device, the waste water entering the air floatation tank reaches zero speed in the water distribution area and the air floatation area.

5. the flocculation of highly efficient shallow air floatation and the pollutants adsorbed by microbubbles are rapidly separated by solid-liquid separation under the action of buoyancy and zero velocity.

6. the floatation of floatation pollutants, which were separated in the clear water area of the shallow air floatation pool, were removed by the skimmed skimming spoon, flowing themselves into the sludge bucket and flowing themselves to the scum pool under the action of gravity.

7. the water separated from the lower layer flows to the clear water tank through the clean water extraction tube from the rotary drum.

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