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Professional and efficient Silver, Gold, Tin, Lead, Copper Ore Flotation Separation Machine
Shallow Air Floatation Basic Info
  • Motor Power for Scraper: 1.5 Kw

  • Trademark: Wan Chuan

  • Motor Power for Agitation: 11kw

  • Capacity: 1.5-3.5 T/H

  • Transport Package: Packing with Export Standard Container

  • Origin: China

Shallow Air Floatation Product Description
                                  Silver, Gold, Tin, Lead, Copper Ore Flotation Separation Machine
The principle of flotation machine
(1) a slurry tank: it has a pulp inlet, as well as the regulation of the pulp side gate device, which is mainly composed of a tank body and welded by steel plate steel plate and steel welding gate.
(2) it is used for mixing slurry stirring device, to prevent the sand in the tank to precipitate, which is mainly composed of a belt wheel, impeller, vertical shaft etc, the impeller is made of wear-resistant rubber.
(3) inflatable device: it consists of a catheter into the pipe, when the impeller rotates, the impeller cavity to generate negative pressure, the air through the hollow tube of the pump suction, and diffusion in the pulp to form bubble group, with the large bubble slurry by the impeller rotation force and is soon thrown to the stator, further so that the pulp the air bubble fining, and eliminate the flotation tank of pulp flow rotary motion, resulting in a large number of vertical upward microbubble flotation process, to provide the necessary conditions.
(4) removal of mineralized bubbles device: it is floating in the groove surface of the foam scraping, mainly driven by a motor, reducer, reducer drives the scraper.
Shallow Air Floatation Features of this flotation machine
1. Self-suck air without foam pump, low power consumption;
2. Vertical recalculation of slurry can keep solids in suspension;
3. Pulp-air intensive mixed help for solids lifting and suspending;
4. Large volumes of pulp sucked can dispel concentrated solids at the bottom;
5. Promote positive vertical circulation of pulp;
6. With feed pipe and impeller make sure the pulp is 100% mixed in every cell.
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