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Protection device and transmission mechanism of center drive scraper

During the operation of the central drive scraper, the raw water will flow through the central water distribution tank and then radiate to the overflow tank around the pool. As the flow rate decreases, the suspended solids in the water body are separated and settled at the bottom of the tank. The liquid exits the tank from the overflow tank through the overflow weir.

The central drive scraper will be driven by its decelerating drive and suspended components. The sludge is mainly scraped from the scraper to the central mud collecting tank during operation. The operation relies mainly on hydrostatic pressure or pump discharge tank. outer. The use of intermediate water and mud discharge, drainage around, to ensure uniform water flow. Self-priming mud discharge with liquid level difference, scum scraping and removing device and overload protection device.

The bottom of the center drive scraper is scraped by mud. The drive unit is driven by a deceleration drive mechanism. The structure is compact and the mechanical efficiency is high. The main beam is made of square steel. The structure is strong. The hot-dip galvanized spray finish process has strong anti-corrosion performance.The main beam can also be directly used for concrete pouring, and the investment is more

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