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Release function introduction

Definition: is mechanically connected with the circuit breaker (or composition as a whole) to release holding mechanism and device for circuit breaker automatically disconnects. (GB 10963.1-2005/IEC 60898-1:2002)

In General, traditional bimetal mechanical or electronic magnetic type release and release mechanical parts as a whole, intelligent releaser mechanical tripping parts are not included, refers only to the Control Board (can be understood as the built-in circuit breaker "controller").

Off buckle device is distribution leakage protection device of, role is Dang line has leakage or personal shock Shi through 0 sequence current transformer. off buckle device device of current of vector and not is equal to zero, transformer device two times coil of two side produced voltage, and by IC zoom, dang reached whole set value Shi, through leakage off buckle device in 0.1 seconds within cut power, to up to shock and leakage protection role.

Tripping with overloads, circuit breakers, earth leakage, under-voltage, over-voltage, unbalanced, less frequency, frequency, reverse power, phase sequence protection; also with load monitoring, real-time measurement, demand, harmonic measurement, measurement tables set, maintenance, communications, DI/DO, zone-selective interlocking, test the lock, LCD display interface and other functions.

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