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Releaser's technical performance and use advantages of various models

The release device is a pressure dissolved air purifying and purifying method during the use process. This is a relatively new water treatment technology. Such technology has been widely used in China and many advanced industrial countries. The method is mainly to introduce a large number of micro-bubbles released from the pressure dissolved gas into the water to be treated, using the floating force of the bubbles adhering to the solid impurities to achieve rapid separation of solid and liquid, and to increase the degree of dross concentration.


TS, TJ, TV series of dissolved gas release devices have the following advanced technical performance

1. It can work effectively under low pressure of 0.20MPa;

2. The average diameter of released bubbles is only 20 to 30 microns;

3. Outgassing rate is as high as 99%.

The TJ type dissolved gas release device has a retractable reed in its operation. When the device is in normal operation, the tongue spring uses the pressure of the pump and is in the working position. For example, when the plugging device is blocked by impurities in the water, the rear gate of the ejector can be opened to operate the ejector. A negative pressure is generated in the evacuation tube, and the tongue spring is lifted, thereby increasing the passage of the water flow and discharging the impurities. After flushing for a period of time (about ten seconds), closing the gate will reset the tongue and put it into normal operation. In order to prevent the release of the release agent in the waste water, stainless steel is added.


TJ type dissolved gas release device installation

1. It is necessary to wash the pressure dissolved gas water and branch pipes first before installing the TJ type dissolved gas releaser;

2. The TJ type releaser can be flipped down, that is, one end of the vacuum is pulled down, and the other side of the dissolved gas is on the top;

3. Regardless of whether the releaser is installed or flipped, the ejector and its control gate should be installed in a convenient operation;

4. Each water ejector is allowed to receive 8 to 10 TJ type releasers;

5. The TJ releaser should be installed horizontally to prevent uneven distribution of outlet flow.

6. If the outflow of the outgassing water needs to change direction, the elbow can be retrofitted at the outlet end, but it should not be added to the long pipe.

In the normal operation of the TV type dissolved air release device, the vibration disc normally maintains the gap between the optimal operating state and the fixed disc due to its spring pressure. For example, when impurities in the water block the release device and cannot be released normally, the air source of the compressed air machine can be switched on, causing the vibration plate to fall for a certain distance, resulting in an increase of the water flow channel, and the impurities are quickly washed away by the dissolved air water, which is about several seconds apart. After that, cut off the air supply and open the air release valve to deflate the air so that the vibratory disk is reset and it is in the best working condition again.


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