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Reliable Daf Dissolved Air Flotation Machine for Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Basic Info

  • Flotation Machine Type: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Control Mode: Full-Automatic Control

  • Scope of Application: Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment,

  • Method: Combined Treatment

  • Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital

  • Anti-Corrosive Treatment: Anti-Corrosive Paint

  • Dosing System: Full-Automatic Control

  • Trademark: wanchuan

  • Origin: jiangsu wuxi

Product Description
Scope of Application:

        Dissolved air flotation machine is mainly used for separating and removing the micro-suspended matters, the density of which is close to water. Air flotation method refers to one kind of water purification method where the air-dissolving water generated through the air dissolving system generates multiple micro bubbles in water through fast decompression and some of the bubbles are then attached on the particle surface of the sundries that are well flocculated in water, forming the suspended matters, the integral density of which is less than 1 and then the suspended matters are made to raise on the water surface by the buoyancy.

        Air flotation method can be widely used in the following water supply and drainage projects, such as:
          1. Algae removal and turbidity reduction of tap water and landscape water, both of which is from the lake and river;
        2. Pre-treatment of domestic sewage and sludge concentration;
3. Treatment of industrial water:the recovery of paper-making off-machine water pulp and clean water; the removal of printing and dyeing wastewater chromaticity and sundries; removal of different heavy metal ions in the electroplating wastewater; separation of oil refining wastewater and oil; removal of tanning wastewater sundries; treatment of the industrial wastewater such as chemical engineering, food, wood spinning, slaughtering, brewing, ore dressing and washing.

         The main design parameters of air flotation method include the remaining time, duration of flocculation, surface loading rate, reflux ratio and gas dissolving pressure. The hydraulic retention time of air flotation tank is 5~35MIN and the surface loading rate is 5~9m3/(m2×h).

       The gas dissolving pressure and reflux ratio can be adjusted based on the requirements for the treatment effect and this can also reduce the operation and maintenance fees dramatically. Air flotation method can also resolve the problems that can be hardly resolved by sedimentation method. Compared with the sedimentation method, the infrastructure fees of air flotation tank is less due to the short retention time, but the treatment effect is much better. Air flotation is one of the most effective measures against the circumstances above as well as one of the most critical items in separation technology.

Product Features:

        1. The system is provided with integrated combination way, which can reduce the space effectively, occupy a smaller area, consume less energies and facilitate installation and transportation;    

        2. High in automation, convenient in operation and simple in management;
        3. High air dissolving efficiency, stable treatment effect; in particular, the air dissolving pressure and reflux ratio of air-dissolving water can be adjusted as required.              
4. Either single or dual air-dissolving devices can be provided based on the water quality and process requirements;
        5. Highly effective back flushing releaser is used to ensure the stability of flotation machine while improving the utilization efficiency of air-dissolving water; and 
       6. Low-noise compressor is used to reduce the noise that is always troublesome.

Technical Parameters:


ModelProcessing capacity(m3/h)Air-dissolving water capacity( m3/h )Main motor power(kw)Power of foam remover(kw)Power of air compressor(kw)Air-dissoving tank sizeOutline dimension(mm)
YW-10  8-102-330.37 1.5 Φ 500 × 15124000×2500×2300
YW-20 15-205-77.50.37 1.5   Φ 500 × 1512 4650×2950×2480


20-306-107.5 0.37 1.5   Φ 500 × 1512 5840×3150×2480
YW-40 30-408-137.5 0.551.5 Φ 600×18806800×3340×2480
YW-50 40-5015-207.5 0.55 1.5 Φ 600×18807500×3500×2480
YW-60 50-6018-277.5 0.55 1.5 Φ 600×18808500×3500×2480
YW-80 70-8024-327.5 0.55 1.5 Φ 650×24309300×3520×2480
YW-105 90-10530-35150.55 3Φ 700×198012100×4400×2860
YW-150 125-15060-80221.13Φ 700×1980117500×5600×2860
YW-200175-20080-100221.1 3Φ 800×2100124700×7600×2860
YW-250 225-250100-120221.1 3Φ 800×240014700×7600×2860
YW-300 280-300120-180371.1 5.5Φ 1000×290019100×7600×3150


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