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Scraping process of scraper and manufacturing steps of scraper core

The scraper is driven by the driving device to rotate around the center of the sedimentation tank. After the raw water is precipitated by the sedimentation tank, the supernatant liquid is discharged from the overflow weir plate and precipitated at the bottom of the tank; the logarithmic spiral curved scraper is pushed. Next, slowly flow along the bottom of the pool to the central mud collecting tank and discharge through the draining pipe.


At the same time, the scum of the pool surface is concentrated to the area between the scum scraper and the scum baffle. When the working bridge passes through the scum discharge cylinder floating on the pool surface, the scum discharge cylinder is pressed under the liquid surface, and the scum passes. The discharge cylinder is discharged outside the pool. The scraper is mainly used in urban sewage treatment plants, waterworks and circular sedimentation tanks with large diameter in industrial wastewater treatment, and the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank and the scum of the pool surface are removed.


The scraper has a great contribution to the sewage treatment industry. Various types of scrapers can quickly and effectively remove the mud from the sewage, and as the sewage treatment volume becomes larger, the demand for the scraper is also Will grow bigger and bigger. The scraper core is one of the most critical components in the entire scraper equipment.


When making the scraper scraper core, first lay a layer of core sand with a certain thickness on the bottom plate, then place the core bone that has been brushed on the mud, then we can pile according to the diameter of the core mud. The core sand is formed to constitute the shape of the scraper. Then just push the scraper along the guide to scrape off the excess core sand, so that the half scraper core is supported. After the two scraping cores are glued together and painted, the product can be used in

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